Sabtu, Mac 21, 2015

Meet me again, somewhere!

Before I realized it I became scared of getting hurt. Still as a flower bud, I'm always looking for a shining place tomorrow as well for sure. How far do I need to go so we can laugh together? Freedom, hope, dreams.. I wonder, are they as wonderful as I think? Are they glittering as much as I think? Holding the future inside this heart...
Assalamualaikum semua ^^ We meet again after 2 years. Yes, I'm still alive. But people move on so am I. These days I'm not into status updates because I'm basically focus on photos updating, in another word, yes, instagram. Saya, sebenanrnya kurang pandai berkata-kata, menulis bagai apatah lagi. I'm a person with less words. Sometimes it takes me twice, no, five times to think before talk. Yes, that's me. So if guys, miss me (in reality no I think haha) be please to visit me on my

Instagram: tendou_juka (active)
Tumblr: (less active)
Twitter: Rosniah

I maybe, will come again, to fill in my 'lost' diary here. Jaa. Mata ne, minna! :)

Terima Kasih! atas kesudian meluangkan masa membaca coretan saya. Jika tiada input menarik, moga ia menjadi hiburan sebuah coretan hidup \(^o^)/

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