Jumaat, Jun 29, 2012

Your mind is yours...

Your mind is yours... if you think so.

A status I've read just now on facebook, written as: "Missing the old day, a day that person love me, treat me well enough and do anything I want",
and it was wrote by a gentle-man, a man!

I think, not everyone can do anything you want. Not a single person can do anything you would like them to do, as you wish. It is so immature, so ashamed. In my thought, you don't deserve it man, if you think your partner will do anything you wish. Why? Because they have their own life.
But, do you think so?

Uhuk! Uhuk! (coughing)
We live as a khalifah, we can't depend totally on people besides us. I know that too and sometime I wish someone will lend their shoulder, for me to breath easily when I was in a difficult, too hard to stand by myself.
A free 'shoulder'? A free 'listener'?
Allah is always by our side. Allah is always, always.

And bear this in mind.
Just, bear in mind.

An old photo taken on 2008, my niece.

Terima Kasih! atas kesudian meluangkan masa membaca coretan saya. Jika tiada input menarik, moga ia menjadi hiburan sebuah coretan hidup \(^o^)/

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